We have a children's collection and a junior collection that both contain picture books which we place separately from the other books.    

Do you add any letter(s) into the call numbers to indicate that the book is a Picture Book? Do you add a sticker? or nothing? 

For example, I found a cute little story with wonderful pictures at a thrift store this week which happens to be titled "Can I help, Mommy?" . This book was published in 2007 by Parragon Publishing.  (No author listed.) 

We use a simple "C" for storybooks - fiction or "Easy" reading books.  Usually, I'd use the call number as follows:

C Par 

What do I put on the book spine as the call letters? 


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Sorry -- somehow I put this in the wrong forum. I meant to put it in classification. Maybe the web administer may want to move this discussion? 



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