I am trying to put the books in the system that are not currently in the system (when we switched systems many books didn't transfer over). Currently our books on eating disorders were cataloged under 136, which is a number that is no longer used, but which didn't make sense anyway since the 130s are parapsychology.  There is a note in one of the books that it is to be shelved in the Social Concerns Mental Health section under psychology.  That would be in the 150s, but that is mostly developmental psychology and applied psychology, not specific mental issues.  Most libraries place books on anorexia under the 616.8. The 600s are technology and applied science and include medicine and disease. 616.8 includes diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders.  Another option would be 362.2, which is the mental health section under social welfare problems and services.

I am thinking 616.8, but I was wondering what all of you do with such books. These are not of a specifically spiritual nature.


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We don't have any books on eating disorders at the moment, but the Dewey Blog had a post on eating disorders several years ago: http://ddc.typepad.com/025431/2007/02/eating_disorder.html. They said:

Comprehensive works on eating disorders are classed in 616.8526 Eating disorders. Works on anorexia nervosa are classed in 616.85262 Anorexia nervosa, and works on bulimia nervosa are classed in 616.85263 Bulimia.

The current Abridged DDC number for all three is 616.85. Looks like you had the right idea!

We put such books in 616.8 with the number extended as applies.

That is where I moved them to.  They were all 136 before. Odd....

I would go for placement in the 600s with other medical books; I think people are more likely to notice them there. In general I have found that most people no longer have a working understanding of the Dewey Decimal System, so it's more helpful to place a book where people will most likely think to look for it; and since it's in the catalog, they will be able to find it regardless of the call number, as long as the call number matches the catalog and the book is filed accurately.



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