I have been asked to look into other churches with libraries and find out if they have a long range plan in place and what is it about.  Please help me out by letting me know if you have a plan and if you can give me a quick overview that would be great.  Thank you!!!!

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Is your library new or in need of improvement?  In that case, I guess I could see the benefit of some long range planning.  Our library is well-established and running well, and we plan only a few months in advance (things like special features, what to put in our newsletter, when to have reading programs, that kind of thing) - or more than a few months for those things which require a lot of planning (like our kids' summer reading).

I second what Debbie commented.  I tend to only plan a few months out with the exception of summer reading, which tends to be a six month plan from beginning to end for us (it's our biggest program).

When I first started in the library it was unused and neglected for several years.  So some long range plans were definitely in order.  They mostly had to do with accomplishing specific goals like writing a policy and procedure manual, researching and implementing new library software, updating books, etc.

If you have other specific questions, let me know.

Good luck.



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