Q1: Anyone using TinyCat or LibraryThing?

Q2: Anyone using Tags instead of (or in addition to) Subjects?

Ref: https://journals.ala.org/index.php/lrts/article/view/5281/6428

Admission: I have read only parts of the reference.

I am  an inmate, oops, resident of an independent living community and used this experience to use LibraryThing to catalog their collection (<2000) of books, DVDs.  This has been my first exposure to the use of tags. Tags seem to work fine for a small collection.  Using tags might lead to quicker training for Church librarians.

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I use LibraryThing for our church library and just love it.  Even though it's called "Tags," I use that space for my DD subject headings.  It works beautifully.  I have  linked LibraryThing to our church web site and the church family can search for a book from home -  by author, title, or subject or call number.

Thanks for the reply. I have a $20 bar code reader from Amazon. If you don't have a reader, this is a real buy. Works like the multi-hundred $ scanner you see at the public library. Even if you are not bar coding your items, it saves time entering items into LT.

I'm interested in knowing more about how the scanner imports to LT.  Where would I get this information?

Guess I was over selling a bar code reader. It won't import to  LibraryThing, but it is useful when adding an item. Scan the bar code into the "Add Books" search field instead of typing the title. Also, works with WorldCat. Note that a bar code is specific to an item; a title may find multiple items.

Actually, when I used the word "imput," I meant after you scan the bar code on the book, how do you put it onto my computer screen into LT?  Sorry, I just don't know anything about how scanners work.

Bar code readers that I have used all acted like a key board. Any thing read appears where ever the cursor is located, as if it had been entered on the keyboard. A slight difference is the reader may add to what was read, for example a tab or enter character.



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