Where do you get ideas for library window displays?

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Everywhere! I beg, borrow and baptize everything. I use themes from our church activities, the community, the seasons, Bible verses with media to back them up. I think the displays are the most fun part of the work I do. I love teaching promotion and I love doing it. I am always reminded that we are created by the Creator so we have creative abilities, we just have to let the juices flow. The fun part is to challenge yourself to see how inexpenisvely you can do a great display.

Rita Kirkland
Do you know of any magazines, etc. that have actual pictures of displays? It's a little harder for some than others to come up with ideas and actually create an attractive display.
I think right now it is the pictures that other libraries are sending to this web site. Keep them coming.
I just checked this web site www.clevelandfbc.com/library and it has a lot of good ideas for window displays.
Great link, thanks.



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