As we all know, most of our Church Libraries are operating with little or no money at all to buy books, supplies, etc.

I'm wondering, how do you all get free books? We get donations but most of what we get we already have or can't use in a church library.

I know you can get free books from a publisher by reviewing books but I don't have the time, energy, or want to, to do that.

Any ideas you have will be very much appreciated.

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The Church Library Conference is a wonderful place to get free books. Most attendees bring books that are duplicates or books that they pull from their libraries that are downsizing. We usually have a couple of boxes when we go. Books are put on tables, and you can browse and take as many as you want for your church library!

Dear Lynn,

Thanks for getting back with me.

Unfortunately, in Florida, we don't have a Church Library Conference anymore. We would meet with fellow church librarians for 5 days, have classes, get ideas, fellowship, and not have to worry about what to cook.

We do have a small one that meets, but only once a year and it's just for a few hours.

Thanks again!




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