How do you classify a children'2 book that the content is fiction but one Bible verse is used as reference? Example: My princesses learn to be brave; the reference verse is Esther 4:14. Is it classified as fiction (CE) or would use C and a dewey number? What dewey number would you use?

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I classify books like this under fiction (CE).  Though they do include Bible truths, for me they don't contain enough accurate Biblical facts to merit a non-fiction classification. 

Jeannie Trapnell

Thank you! That is how I have been classifying them . So I have been doing it right.

Just wanted to add in that we do the same. 

I have a section for "Teachings"  (Christian Doctrine). If they explain how to become a Christian or what being a Christian means, for instance, than I will place it in the "CT" (Child Teachings) sections.  However if the book is more story than instructional such as you described, than I place it in our Stories section. It's not always clear cut, so than I decide where it may be used the most. 

If you have an electronic library catalog, you could also include the verse in a comment or “tag” so that the book would come up in a catalog search for that verse.

Excellent idea! 



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